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Car-Tech Prestige Ltd

Getting your business out the slow lane and ahead of the rest… Here’s how alphatech helped Car-Tech Prestige Ltd get their communications moving like the high-performance cars they look after.

Having strived hard to establish a reputation for being a highly reliable car service centre, having a poor IT infrastructure was beginning to negatively impact our performance across the whole business. alphatech has been fantastic in problem solving our IT communication issues and have created a solution that put our business back in the driving seat.


Car-Tech Prestige Ltd are an independent car servicing and repair specialist based in Hartlepool. They have an excellent reputation for being a highly reliable and customer orientated BOSCH car service centre.

They carry out routine servicing, MOTS and diagnosis for all cars, vans, light commercial and prestige vehicles. So, from a simple service on a Fiesta to a full tune up on a Ferrari, Car Tech Prestige Ltd offer a service that is engineered around their customers. They believe customers will not find another independent garage in the North East of England better equipped to service high performance cars.


Car-Tech Prestige Ltd were on the start line, with first class garage facilities and a pit crew ready to service some of the highest performance cars in the North East, only to realise their ability to use their on-line ‘cloud based’ garage management systems, send and receive e-mails, receive website bookings was being seriously hampered by very poor broadband connections.

Staff were struggling against the odds to do a positive job in a timely manner with systems hanging, screens freezing and the online garage management system regularly logging them out as the broadband signal was being lost. Inevitably, this was impacting on the businesses ability to continue to deliver first a class customer service to its clients.​


alphatech conducted a site visit and ascertained the operational issues were due to a combination of problems including the distance Car-Tech Prestige’s premises was from their local exchange, poor broadband speeds and high traffic volumes.

Car-Tech didn’t want to tie into a 3-year lease line option, so Rob recommended and installed a 4G superfast mobile service to operate the on-line garage management system, providing a quick responsive system for the team to use. Leaving all other business communication functions on the existing broadband line ensured fast reliable communications for all business functions. Disaster planning is also looked after. Should the 4G system go down the garage management system can be switched​ to run on the current broadband service and visa versa.

Job done!​