Why move to the cloud?


Storing your files in the cloud is a safe and convenient solution for your business, allowing you to work efficiently while carrying the reassurance of data security. Working through the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted many business practices that required adaptation to continue safely, especially working from home— but files stored in the cloud can be […]

How the Cloud can help your office move

If moving to a new house is one of life’s most stressful experiences, moving business premises is worse as you need to deal with all the issues of relocation at the same time as keeping your business going. One of the biggest problems is your IT infrastructure, packing and moving your PCs and servers and […]

What is Office 365 Backup?

Over recent years the adoption of Cloud services in day to day business has increased, as has our reliance on Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. Keeping this Cloud-based data safe is just as important as backing up your physical machines. Providing you with the ability to restore your business’ valuable information in a data loss scenario, […]