ESET Cloud Office Security

ESET Cloud Office Security

Our ESET Cloud Office Security experts are always happy to chat about how this software can benefit your business– so, this week we are giving you an overview of ESET, considering the multitude of ways in which it streamlines and protects your processes. What is ESET Cloud Office Security? This software is a combination of […]

Log4j – what you need to know


You may have heard about a ‘Log4j vulnerability’ in the news, and have concerns about what it is and whether it affects your business. In plain English, this is a flaw in a piece of software that is used widely across the internet, meaning that cybercriminals could remotely steal data, install malware or take control […]

The business benefits of ESET Endpoint Security

A big part of the alphatech philosophy is to provide top-quality products and support. Because of this, we only endorse the products that we believe are the industry’s best. For antivirus, we recommend ESET Endpoint Protection – here’s why. A Leading Antivirus Solution ESET is unmatched in its record of stopping in-the-wild viruses in VB100 […]

Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection

With minimal impact on your productivity, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in Office 365 delivers virtually unparalleled email security. It’s well known that 70% of all network breaches originate from human error, specifically clicking on malicious links in emails. With numerous safeguards in place, ATP will keep your email secure by providing real time protection against […]