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The last two weeks of Cybersecurity Awareness Month have focused on data protection and good online practice, both hugely important aspects of what we do at alphatech. For our third week, we move on to a celebration of cybersecurity careers, led by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)

A career in cybersecurity facilitates innovation, proactivity, excellent customer service, and expertise. It can also be an accessible and welcoming field – skills are needed from a variety of backgrounds, as the digital landscape evolves rapidly. Since alphatech was established in 1999, we have provided expert help to a wide variety of clients, whilst also keeping up with changes to our industry. 

Jobs in cybersecurity may not take the form that you might expect. There are many different roles within our company, ranging from technicians to administrative staff, and our dedicated support team. Assumptions can sometimes put people off the cybersecurity market, such as the idea that the environment is traditionally and extensively male-dominated; at alphatech, we are proud to break this stereotype with a mixture of highly qualified male and female staff. Finding a job with an IT and cybersecurity business which values their staff and their customer base as much as we do can be a truly fulfilling experience – just ask our team!

The NICE provides seven framework categories for careers in cybersecurity, including operation and maintenance, protection and defence, and analysis. We want to emphasise that there are many different routes onto this career path, especially from disciplines which share the same framework categories. Whether you have a degree in business, a background in computer science, or a cybersecurity technician apprenticeship, in such a diverse industry there will often be jobs that require your own unique skills.  For more information on cybersecurity careers, and the ways in which alphatech enriches our workforce, you can contact the alphatech team.