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Cybersecurity First

As we move forwards in the final week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021, we want to reflect on the advice and the celebrations that we have shared. The last theme in this series is Cybersecurity First, which aligns perfectly with our philosophy here at Alphatech – if cybersecurity is your priority (in both your personal life and in your business practices), you are setting yourself up for success.

As well as following our advice on being cyber smart and avoiding phishing, we encourage you to build cybersecurity training into your business practices, giving your staff the tools to avoid serious data breaches and technological disasters. We understand that your workforce may not consist of IT experts (that’s why many companies outsource to professionals like us), but clear guidelines and effective data protection procedures can keep your business running smoothly. If you plan your products and processes with cybersecurity in mind, you are already a step ahead of any malicious actors or major technological issues.

Research is also a vital aspect of cybersecurity – you should know how, and when, your business is securing its online presence. If you require assistance, you can contact our expert team of technicians, who will be happy to assist you. We understand that technology can seem intimidating, especially when the conversation is full of jargon, but this shouldn’t discourage you from seeking out the best equipment and support for your brand!

We will conclude with a quote from the National Cybersecurity Alliance: “Cybersecurity should not be an afterthought.” When we consider how many vital aspects of business are stored and implemented online in the modern age, it highlights the need to Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart, protect your data, and utilise the greatest potential of your online presence. Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month from everyone here at alphatech – if you have any questions or concerns about cybersecurity in your business, you can contact us.