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Ecco Finishing Supplies

A real wake up call – but don’t panic because alphatech has it all covered.

We have parked our vehicles on site for years without a problem. You never expect one of them to catch fire after the ignition has been switched off. We were very lucky that the van wasn’t on site that night. Rob and his support team have done a great job to ensure our company data is now safe and secure. Whatever disaster happens we know our business data and e-mails are quickly recoverable.


Ecco Finishing Supplies Ltd is a global specialist in the supply and manufacture of surface preparation and coating equipment. They deliver cost effective products to the oils and gas, offshore renewables, automative, construction and manufacturing industries.

Their reputation is based on their products performance, quality and service delivery which is key to their success. They carry one million pounds worth of stock giving them unprecedented lead times on customer orders.​


Ecco Finishing Supplies normally park their vehicles on site over night. However, after one long trip back from Scotland, their driver decided to take the vehicle home for the night. Shortly after he had settled down to watch the TV he got a little more drama than he had bargained for. A neighbour knocked on his door to raise the alarm bells. “Your van is on fire!”. Flames were flickering from the van’s engine after the vehicle’s CD had overheated. In the event, the van was lost – but it could have been so much worse. If the vehicle had caught fire on their business premises, a site full of highly toxic chemicals data recovery would have been impossible.​


The fire was a wakeup call for the company. With help from Rob, Ecco now have daily offsite backup controlled by the alphatech team. Emails were also moved to Hosted Exchange a cloud-based solution.

This means Ecco Finishing Ltd data backs up automatically at night to two secure offsite UK data centres and their emails are hosted in the Cloud. So, no matter what happens, Ecco can still access the emails via an active internet connection and in the case of any disaster data can be easily restored with minimum disruption to Ecco and their customers.​