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We are all now connected by the Internet…. but we don’t always have the right infrastructure to make it work properly. Here’s how alphatech helped Edwards Immigration connect with the world and make dreams come true.

alphatech should be considered as the 4th Emergency Service! No job is too small or complicated, Rob and his team handle every job expertly and within an incredible time frame which is second to none.


Edwards Immigration is located in Middlesbrough and specialises in all aspects of Immigration Law. With over 18 years of immigration law experience, Louise Edwards and her team ensure they provide their clients with up to date and correct immigration legal advice to help achieve successful applications.​

Providing advice on family & partner visa’s, visit visa’s, work permits, student stays, asylum support and British Citizenship advice Louise works hard to support clients from both home and abroad.


Louise’s business required really robust IT systems and support to be able to operate her business effectively. The office WiFi and broadband service wasn’t providing her with a reliable internet connection.

Given the nature of Louise’s business she needed to ensure her clients data was both protected and backed up. Importantly she needed an IT system that just worked so at no time was she left struggling to contact organisations like the Home Office. alphatech completed a site survey of Louise’s office to come up with the most appropriate solutions​.


Firstly, as a means to get Louise greater access to the rest of the world the team installed a new fully managed enterprise grade broadband and WiFi service. This created a ‘fit for purpose’ internet service which enables her to work efficiently and effectively maximising her value time.

Secondly, we provided Louise with our monthly IT support service . This includes 24/7 monitoring of her IT systems, provision of Office 365, ESET Antivirus protection and daily backups to keep Louise’s legal data secure. Importantly her team have access to our friendly IT engineers who are here to provide rapid IT support for all those inevitable IT hiccups.​