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Les Woolston Haulage

Fuelling the economy … how alphatech kept the pumps pumping, the wagons rolling and the ship sailing on by…

It was a logistical nightmare which any 24-hour fuel bunker and haulage company just couldn’t afford to happen … but it happened to us. No ability to pump fuel because a broadband cabling fault somewhere under our massive lorry park stopped the fuel IT program working. We turned to alphatech in the hope that Rob could find a quick solution when no one else could! Not only did Rob come up with a brilliant practical hardware fix he went the extra mile working with the broadband supplier and fuel company to get our systems back up and running. alphatech offered a creative solution along with great customer care.


Les Woolston Haulage Ltd are a Middlesbrough based company offering a number of important site services to some major companies including P&O Ferrymasters. The company offer a variety of services including VOSA Test Lane, HGV & PSV Testing, long term parking, 24-hour fuel bunkering, workshop, body shop, vehicle wash and haulage.

Les Woolston have been in business for 10 years, operating on a 7-acre site in South Bank and they play an integral part in keeping Tees Port freight and ships moving.​


Les Woolstons 24-hour fuel bunkering site developed a broadband cabling fault somewhere under their expansive lorry park effectively stopping their ability to transmit fuel data utilising their supplier software programme. In essence the business had no ability to record fuel data consumption to be able to issue, measure and maintain fuel stock levels.

A massive problem for them especially when the broadband supplier said it would be a few weeks before they could organise a team to come and dig up the lorry park to locate and fix the cabling fault!​


Sean Woolston contacted Rob to see if alphatech could come up with a solution that would get this service back up and running sooner rather than later.​

Our IT technical team came up with a 4G router and SIM card fix using cellular data broadband as a means to transmit the data.​

After sourcing the new router and SIM Rob worked with both the broadband supplier and fuel company to get the communication links working and the fuel program back up and running. Problem solved and business services back up and running quickly.​