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Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection

With minimal impact on your productivity, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in Office 365 delivers virtually unparalleled email security.

It’s well known that 70% of all network breaches originate from human error, specifically clicking on malicious links in emails. With numerous safeguards in place, ATP will keep your email secure by providing real time protection against existing and new, sophisticated threats. Let’s look at these further.


This works to detect malicious activity by scanning URL links received in emails. When a URL is received, ATP will automatically run a reputation check and scan the link for malicious behaviour.

If these scans highlight that the link is malicious, the user will be warned not to open the link. If the user clicks the link during the scanning process, a message will be shown informing the user of the scan.


This policy allows administrators to audit users’ clicks. This allows administrators to monitor user behaviour and see which staff members choose to bypass security warnings. Admins might then choose to use this information to focus their training on these staff members.


In a similar way to URL Detonation, Safe Attachments scans all attachments for malicious behaviour. Real-time behavioural analysis separates malicious attachments from genuine ones. The unsafe attachments are then automatically detonated.


Dynamic Delivery is the result of Microsoft’s continual efforts to reduce scan times. Dynamic Delivery has reduced scanning times, but also allows users to open and respond to emails whilst scans are in progress meaning there’s no impact on productivity. A message will display informing the user of the scan if they click on the attachment before the scan is complete. If the attachment is genuine it will be reattached, and users can access it as normal, but if it’s malicious, it’ll be filtered out and the user will not be able to access it.


ATP is available as a bolt-on to the majority of Office 365 plans. If you’d like any more information about ATP or Office 365 please give us a call.