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Fight the phish!

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month from everyone here at alphatech! Last week, we gave you some handy hints and tips on how to Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart— now, we want to raise awareness of this week’s theme, Fight the Phish. 

During lockdown, many of us have spent more time on our computers than ever, as we continue to work, learn, and seek out entertainment. Our increasing reliance on technology has also led to a rise in phishing, which accounts for over 80 percent of security incidents reported. As part of our commitment to Cyber Security Month, we want to help you recognise phishing scams, to keep your data safe. 

Phishing usually works because it looks familiar. The scammers can use legitimate-sounding terminology, logos, adverts and credentials to try and persuade you to input sensitive information. One of the best ways to avoid phishing in your personal life is to double check— for example, if you receive an email you believe is from your bank, you can check their official website or speak to customer support in order to verify. The same policies can be implemented in your business; encourage your employees to question anything they find suspicious, and bring it to your attention.

Whilst it can be helpful to check for spelling errors and obvious inaccuracies, phishing scams in the current digital environment can be incredibly sophisticated. Never click a link that you don’t trust, especially if you were not expecting the email that you have received. You can hover your mouse over a URL before you click it, and the description should match the link— if this is not the case, avoid the website. 

The best way to Fight the Phish is to double-check, and to report any suspicious emails or communications to your email provider. This also applies to text messages which have recently become even more widely used by scammers. If you would like further information about protecting your data, you can contact the alphatech team.