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Connectivity Solutions

No matter the size of your business, the ability to connect to the Internet and communicate with your clients effectively is central to your success. alphatech offers a range of high-speed business grade connectivity options, that are designed to fit with your business needs and budget. Our solutions range from simple business broadband, to dedicated private leased lines

Getting the correct connectivity can make a huge difference to your business. It can mean the difference between your business software and applications working properly, your staff being able to communicate effectively, your websites operating brilliantly, and your business maximising your ‘cloud’ opportunities.

So why do so many businesses not have connectivity that is suitable for their needs? Sometimes it’s because they are not aware of the different options available to them and sometimes, they are saving money on their connectivity without realising that getting the right connectivity could save them significant costs on a range of other areas such as telephony or data storage.

When choosing the right connectivity solution for your business you will need to consider how critical internet uptime is to the running of your business, for example do you require an ‘always on’ connection? You should also assess how your business uses the internet, both now and in the future. From cloud computing and disaster recovery to sharing data and VoIP telephony.

Why you might need IT?

Slow Internet

Your internet connection is slow and unresponsive.

Losing Time and Money

“It’s like watching paint dry!” Your PC appears to be just so slow but it’s actually the connectivity that’s the problem.

Your staff are frustrated

They just can’t get on with the job at hand because they are waiting for the computer to ‘just work’.

Software is unresponsive

Your cloud based key business software runs slowly.

Poor website connections

Your website pages are slow to load.

Your internet crashes

Your business has expanded, and usage is outstripping the current supply abilities.

What are the benefits of IT?

Great Communication

Your staff can communicate quickly and efficiently.

More Responsive

Your cloud-based business software is responsive and quick to use.

Saves you money

Your business is more productive and successful.

Its secure... so relax

Good connectivity supports your cloud-based data backup.

Better telephony

Better connectivity can result in more reliable VoIP telephone services.

24/7 Monitoring

alphatech will monitor your connectivity 24/7 - we’ve got you covered.

How do I get IT?

Give our business connectivity experts a call today on 01642 309 767, they are happy to discuss your needs and find the right connectivity solution for your business.