Data Recovery

It’s easy to keep your business operational, if your data is safely stored and recoverable

Data Recovery

When you switch on your computer and you suddenly can’t access documents and programmes it can leave you feeling devastated. It can result in loss of critical information to be able to operate your business.

Important data can be lost through user error, for example deleting the wrong file, a file becomes corrupt or equipment failure, for example the Hard Drive becoming inoperable, or sometimes because of software corruption.

This data can sometimes be recovered, minimising any losses. Depending on the severity and cause of the loss, alphatech can recover some data in our workshops. For more severe loss or damage we can help arrange for recovery by specialist centres on your behalf.

We can usually identify from talking to you if we can repair the data internally or need to send to our specialist centre.

Please don’t attempt to try and repair yourself or take advice from someone who isn’t qualified to advise, as you can cause more damage and potentially have less chance of recovering the data and incur more cost. Don’t take chances if your data is that important.

Why you might need IT?

Disaster Planning

Your business requires a disaster plan to ensure all eventualities are covered.


Your business needs to be able to demonstrate your data is held both safely and is recoverable to meet legislative requirements.

Contract Terms & Conditions

Your client contracts need to include evidence of your data recovery process.

Human Error

You have deleted files and records by accident, and you need to retrieve them.

File or Software Corruption

Your programs and files have become corrupted and you need to restore them.

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive has become inoperable and you can’t access your files and folders.

What are the benefits of IT?

Peace of Mind

You know that your data is retrievable should you have a disaster.

Compliant Business

You are confident that your business is compliant and has robust processes and procedures.

Business Edge

With a robust recovery plan, you can confidently approach contract tendering and win business.

IT Support

Don’t try to fix it yourself as this often results in making things worse. We are here to help sort your dilemmas.

Tap into the experts

For those really difficult cases alphatech works with an established first-class data recovery specialist with a 94.7% recovery rate.

Always Available

Here to help with your data recovery problems 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday and "Out of Hours" if required.

How do I get IT?

If you have lost data and would like to know how you can protect yourself in the future, we have lots of options we can help from cloud solutions to advice on storing data. Just give our experts a call on 01642 309 767 or send us an e-mail. Have peace of mind that we’ve got you covered.