Offsite Backup

It’s easy to keep your business operational, if your data is safely stored and recoverable!

Offsite Backup

Data backup is one of the most important security measures you should have for your business and yet we find it is also one of the most ignored. ‘Backing up’ means making a copy of your most important files; this can then be used if the original copy is lost. Preferably the second copy should be held at a different location to the original and be kept in a secure environment. It should be a key part of your disaster recovery plan that is FAST, SECURE and RELIABLE.

Data loss can happen in many ways, the most common causes are physical failure of your PC, accidental operator error, theft or disasters like fire, flood and even spilt drinks at your desk. Computer viruses and computer hackers can also pose a threat by damaging your systems and corrupting your data files. Many businesses save their information to just one place like ‘My Documents’ on their PC’s hard drive or a USB device to use between the PC in the Office and the laptop at home. It is only when a problem occurs, and you’re sat having lost critical business and customer details does the real importance of investing in data backup become a lesson ‘hard learnt’.

Why you might need IT?

For your peace of mind! If your business was a victim of a break-in or a fire, could you still operate without your customer database or the crucial information that you store on your PC’s? We are online backup specialists, outsource your backups to us to give you the peace of mind that your data is being looked after by experts.

Data loss can happen in many ways, the most common causes are physical failure of your PC, accidental error, theft or disasters like fire, flood and dropped coffee mugs! It is also common for data to be saved to just one place, like ‘My Documents’ on your PC’s hard drive. Which means that if this data were to be accidentally changed or deleted it would take considerable time and expense to restore it.

Growing numbers of computer viruses are also a risk to business information, as once they have infected your machine they often delete or corrupt your data. This is another reason why backing up your data is such an important thing to do.

Expert Protection

Protection by our expert technical support team. Should the worst happen, we won’t make a drama out of a crisis - we’ll help you retrieve your data securely and quickly.


Business continuity - availability of data is a fundamental start to any business continuity plan.

Cost Effective

Online data backup allows you to protect your critical data securely so that you can concentrate on your business.


Fully automated - our ‘set and forget’ software means changing tapes is a thing of the past. Simply choose what and when you want it backed up.


All your data will be securely protected using the highest levels of encryption in our state-of-the-art UK data centres.

Peace of Mind

All client data handled by alphatech is encrypted and transferred to a data centre here in the UK. It is then mirrored to a second UK data centre for additional peace of mind.

What are the benefits of IT?

Business Protection

You know that your data is protected should you ever have a disaster.

Data Security

You know your data has been safely backed up in a professional UK data centre.

It just happens!

Your back up is automated to happen on a regular basis – at a time that is convenient to your business.

Its monitored

At alphatech we monitor your back ups to ensure they actually happen… so you don’t have to.

Saves you time and money

alphatech look after your back up so you can just focus on running your business.

Data Recovery

If you lose your data … don’t panic! with the alphatech supported backup service we could restore it for you

How do I get IT?

If you would like alphatech to protect your business we will be more than happy to help. Just give us a call on 01642 309 767 or send us an e-mail. Have peace of mind that we’ve got you covered.