Unified Communications

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice delivers all the functionality of your traditional on-premise phone system and more. Phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing and team collaboration in one simple unified communications platform.

Just plug in your Hosted Voice IP phone and start making secure voice calls across the internet. Or use the flexible mobile and desktop apps to quickly turn your smartphone or laptop into an extension of your desk phone – keeping your staff connected no matter the device or location.

Wildix offers a complete range of Hardware products and Unified Communications & Collaboration features. It has been the first vendor to fully integrate WebRTC for direct audio and video communication support in the web browser without the need to install any software or configure VPN.

The system was designed to be easy to install and to manage with low maintenance costs, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and across the globe.

Why you might need IT?

The First Cloud Browser-Based Unified Communications and VoIP PBX

Wildix is the first cloud browser-based unified communications solution able to boost efficiency, guarantee an increase in sales and provide a complete business collaboration platform that is entirely secure by design (with no VPNs or external SBCs required).

Evolved Live

Connect your communications system directly to your website. Thanks to WebRTC technology, online visitors can contact you more quickly and you can win sales more easily.

Webinar & Video Conference​

The professional yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution for sales and customer service in any space. Use it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, or in a conference room thanks to the proprietary hardware.

Smart and Remote Working Solution

Wildix is the perfect solution for smart working and remote working because it offers a complete set of features (chat, audio call, desktop sharing, video conferencing, webinar capabilities, desk phones) while keeping them all simple to use.

What are the benefits of IT?

Take advantage of a comprehensive list of features on Wildix for all your business communication needs.

Kite: Enable Voice, Video & Chat Into Your Website

Wildix Kite is a professional solution for business communication based on the WebRTC technology that brings Unified Communications to the website. With Wildix Kite a website visitor can communicate with the company call agents via chat, audio and video call, desktop sharing and file transfer, all this with just one click. Kite is fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system and it turns the corporate website into an efficient marketing tool.

Mobile Applications for iOS & Android

iOS & Android Wildix Collaboration Mobile Apps offer the Unified Communications features of your enterprise PBX on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android smartphones. Download from popular app stores, follow the simple set-up process and call, chat and manage as you do on a computer directly on your portable handheld device.

WebRTC Videoconference

A turnkey video conferencing solution right at your desk. Ubiconf is based on pure WebRTC. You can easily participate with internal and external users from PC, Macbook, Vision or SuperVision desk phone through the web browser. No need to install any additional hardware or software components. You also have the choice of a wide range of additional equipment for huddle and conference rooms.

Web-RTC Browser-Based Communications

Leveraging standards-based web technologies. Use your web-browser as your phone. No complex VPNs, software or softphone to install. Simply click and connect from anywhere and on any device.

Collaboration Interface

The web interface offers customisable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams and provides real-time presence information of users. Call, chat and conference the way you want. Wildix provides audio, video, screen sharing, file transfer and geolocation functionalities.

Attendant Console

Wildix comes with built-in attendant console that’s fully web-based and on the same interface. It lets you manage high volumes of concurrent calls with assistive equipment for users with visual impairments.

Reporting & Analysis

Monitoring your business call traffic is now a lot simpler. On the collaboration web interface, you can evaluate call activity including quantity, duration, type, costs of calls, SLA stats, peak hours, activity of users and groups.

Easier Remote Working

Wildix Mobility gives you more freedom and flexibility in managing your business communication. You can manage your business calls via the corporate PBX directly from your mobile phone, no matter where you are.

Cloud PBX

Wildix is delivered from the resilient, global and scalable Amazon AWS cloud platform.

How do I get IT?

We’re happy to discuss with you in more detail how one of our Unified Communication solutions can benefit your business. Give one of our experts a call today on 01642 309 767.