IT Infrastructure

Custom Built PC's

We have the ability, where required to ensure your business needs are met by having the inhouse skills to build bespoke computers especially for your business. So, there is no reason to make do with IT kit which just doesn’t quite fit your business needs nor do you need to pay over the odds for technical specifications that aren’t required. All alphatech PC’s are built to the best quality and offer great value for money with components chosen for compatibility, performance and durability.

Before we begin, we will look at your requirements and build a PC optimised for your needs. We deal with a wide range of sectors including dentists, solicitors and manufacturers, each using highly specialised software. And while a standard office PC may not require high-end capabilities, it must still be up to the task of allowing you to carry out your work.

We also recognise the way you work may be unique – for example, you might like to have three or four monitors on your desk linked to one PC. Standard graphics cards won’t give you this luxury, but we can build the computer to include this option.

As part of the service we build the PC, set it up and install all drivers, updates and antivirus software and any other security programs needed to keep your computer safe.

Why choose custom built PC's?


You need a system with the best reliable configuration possible to assist with day-to-day business demands.

Unique Requirements

There are unique components, software and systems that business requires. Standard off-the-shelf PCs may not give you what you need.


Productivity in your organisation is of upmost importance. Our PCs are built around your requirements to help maximise productivity.

Specific Software

Specific programs are required for business that you are unable to access with a standard readily available PC.

Compatibility & Performance

You require a system with compatibility and performance to meet the demands at your business.

You need IT Support

You need a little IT expertise support to ensure you buy the right product.

What are the benefits of custom built PC's?

Greater Productivity

A PC build to suit your business will allow greater productivity for you and your staff.


All new PCs are checked to ensure your software and antivirus programs are operating on the latest versions.

Affordable & Specific To You

With a bespoke PC build you only pay for the PC specifications you actually need.

Saves You Time & Effort

The build and set up is completed at alphatech so your PC arrives all set up for you with employee profiles created.

The Latest IT Know How

Your PC will have the latest technical specification – it will not have sat in a warehouse for months awaiting shipping to a store!

Workshop Support

All custom built PC’s can be repaired quickly by us. No waiting for lengthy manufacture repair processes.

Want to know more?

Our team is always on hand to provide more details about how our Custom Built PC’s can benefit your business, or to help with any other queries you may have. Give one of our experts a call today on 01642 309 767.