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Managed WiFi Services

Similar to managed IT services that support your desktops, laptops and servers, managed WiFi services support your existing or new wireless networking equipment. By working with a managed WiFi service provider, you’ll be able to offer wireless Internet access to your employees, customers and guests throughout your property. Managed WiFi services include support coverage for your wireless access points, network controllers, switches, cabling and other pieces of network equipment.

When it comes to managed WiFi solutions, many companies outsource IT management to third party providers and with good reason: it costs less than what it would to maintain internal IT staff. Workplace WiFi is just as critical to daily operations as IT, so why don’t more companies opt for a managed WiFi solutions? They don’t know that it’s an option.

Less than 10 years ago, a managed WiFi solution was unheard of. Most offices simply placed a budget wireless router in their office and called it a day. The WiFi service was horrible, but that didn’t matter much. The majority of offices still used DSL and either couldn’t afford high-speed Internet or simply didn’t need it. Mobile phones were just getting smart, “Bring Your Own Device” hadn’t yet entered the lexicon and all computers required hard-wired Internet.

Luckily, times have changed. Today, high speed Internet is very affordable, most devices don’t even feature Ethernet ports and the way people work has evolved in turn. Businesses can no longer get away with providing subpar WiFi, as most operations rely on high speed wireless service. Even the way WiFi is delivered has evolved.A budget router won’t cut it—today, most offices require a managed WiFi solution.

Why you might need IT?


Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points provide great value, easy installation and a sleek design in comparison to other industry providers. With the total throughput of the AC variant at 1167+ Mbps and the AC-Wave variant at 2500+ Mbps, they can also deliver the high performance needed by advanced requirements.


As well as being a more cost-effective hardware purchase compared to alternatives, the installation and maintenance costs of UniFi are also consistently lower when measured against competitors. There are no charges for software licensing or maintenance fees, making it a fantastic, affordable enterprise wireless solution in both the short and long term.


The UniFi Software-Defined Networking platform is an intuitive system of managing network devices from a single interface, providing robust configuration, control, local and cloud access. Plus, the UniFi mobile app enables easy management on the go to help monitor and manage UniFi networks wherever you are.

Ease of Deployment

As well as user-friendly configuration, UniFi AP device deployment is simplified through the UniFi Controller software which delivers powerful management of remote sites – all within a single, unified software controller. As well as reducing time to deployment and helping to streamline operational costs, the Controller Software also increases overall network safety by making it easier to update and maintain remote devices.

Advanced Reporting

The UniFi Controller allows the configuration of thousands of UniFi AP’s and is also able to manage system traffic quickly. There is the opportunity to upload custom maps to gain a clear visual representation of your wireless network and its general health, ensuring that you have access to key insights, while always having maximum control over your networking estate.

Better Coverage

Newer technology such as 802.11ac Wave & 802.11ax is further providing greater signal coverage and speeds to clients connecting. This has been a past constraint with many areas requiring hundreds of clients connecting at the one point in time such as public spaces or event facilities.

What are the benefits of IT?

Cost Savings

With the physical constraints of cables having to be installed in many major projects/sites to every desk or common area, more organisations are making the switch over from wired to wireless infrastructure. This not only is reducing cost, time and effort which provides end users with scalability for future needs, while wired networks are further diminishing, becoming the past.

Faster Speeds

With the prominent use of downloading and streaming becoming more of the common demand, the newly developed 802.11ac enabled wireless access points provide clients up to 1.3 Gbps over the air. Thus minimizing all old age constraints based around the wireless infrastructure scene.

High-Performance, Scalable Wi-Fi

UniFi Access Points deliver wireless coverage, indoors or outdoors, in high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance.

Unified Routing and Security

The UniFi Security Gateway extends the UniFi Enterprise System to provide cost-effective, reliable routing and advanced security for your networks.

Outdoor Wide-Area Wi-Fi

UniFi AC Mesh Access Points feature UniFi Mesh technology to simplify Wi-Fi infrastructure deployments for towns, stadiums, concert venues, and outdoor spaces

Advanced Network Switching

The UniFi Switch delivers robust performance, intelligent switching, convenient PoE+ support, and fiber connectivity options for your enterprise networks.

How do I get IT?

We’re happy to discuss with you in more detail how our Managed WiFi Services can benefit your business, we can arrange an on-site visit to assess your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive Managed WiFi solution. Give one of our experts a call today on 01642 309 767.