Network Infrastructure

Wired for success? ... make sure your cabling is good to go

Network Infrastructure

An IT system is only as good as the cabling network it runs on. You can have the best switching equipment and the best PC technical specifications but if your ‘structured’ cabling hasn’t been well thought through your systems are likely to be substandard and inefficient. Often previous poor installation practices, inherited systems and technical innovation means your structured cabling could be less than suitable to meet your business requirements. At alphatech we can help you design, install or upgrade your systems using the latest Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 cabling products.

So, whether you are moving premises or expanding your business its important to ensure your ‘structured cabling’ is actually fit for purpose.

The easiest way to ensure you maximise your IT cabling capabilities is for alphatech to complete a network audit at your premises. This can help us map your system components, note the age and suitability of your current cabling infrastructure and identify where inefficiencies and faults are occurring.

Then, considering both your current and future business requirements we can recommend ways in which to resolve faults and make your network more efficient and reliable.

Why you might need IT?


Your IT system is slow and unresponsive.

Losing Time and Money

It’s like watching paint dry” Your PC appears to be just so slow but its actually your network cabling that’s causing the problem.

Your staff are frustrated

They can’t get on with the job at hand because they are waiting for the computer or printer to just work!

Software is unresponsive

Opening and saving files over your network takes forever.

Poor website connections

Your modem is fit for purpose but poor cabling means your internet crashes.

What are the benefits of IT?


Gives the business faster connections and therefore increased business capabilities.

Saves you money

Your business is more productive and successful.


Provides a stable IT platform for the business to both operate and build on.

Happy & Productive staff

With quicker connections brings increase staff productivity and less stress.

Great Communication

Your staff can communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers and suppliers.

Budget Control

With audit recommendations, you can project manage systems repairs and work within realistic budgets.

How do I get IT?

If your network is getting you down and keeping things in the slow lane, give our experts a call today on 01642 309 767.