Software & Hardware Supply

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Software & Hardware Supply

If you’re thinking of purchasing hardware or software, in order to maximise your investment and IT system capabilities it’s a job that needs to be done well. Buying the right hardware kit, running the right programs at the right price is key to success. Businesses choose alphatech to supply and install their software because they trust our expertise to help select the right products to meet their business needs

Technology evolves quickly from one version to another so it’s sometimes difficult to keep up to date with the best innovative IT devices and programs. This is where alphatech can really add value to your business.

Buying Hardware

alphatech are not limited to just sourcing computers or laptops. We supply a vast number of the latest technology products, produced by the biggest and best brands from iPads to display TV’s, cameras, voice recording equipment, routers and servers.

Buying Software

We can procure software on your behalf, take care of the program installations to ensure everything is set up properly to maximise the abilities of your computers and network.

Our Suppliers

After 20 years in business we have built excellent relationships with our suppliers, which allows us to be extremely competitive against some of the high-street shops.

We work with established and credible distributors to source only the best equipment. It may not always be the cheapest option, but our clients truly believe that price is no substitute for value and futureproofing their businesses ability to operate efficiently and effectively.

Why you might need IT?

Emerging Technologies

You can’t keep up with the speed of IT innovation – so it’s difficult to know what technical specification to buy.

Time and Money

You don’t have the time to stop focusing on your business to research and install new products.


Productivity for your business is key so you really need to understand what products would be best for you.

Compatibility & Performance

You need to ensure that new products are going to be compatible with your existing IT systems and software.


You need help to buy products with a reputation of being both reliable and supported.


You may know which products you want to buy but don’t have the in house IT skills to ensure they are set up or install properly.

What are the benefits of IT?

Specialised support

Purchasing specialised software needs specialised support – you will be surprised how much we know about different IT programs and their compatibility.

Increased procurement power

Use our trade supplier connections to access quality products for really competitive prices.

Making the most of your budget

Its affordable – our IT expertise can help you buy the very best products to suit your budget and maximise your capabilities.

Saves you Time and Effort

We can help you make the decisions quickly, deal with the purchase transactions for you and help install your new kit.

Quick access to support

With no menu or queue system accessing our support team is quick and easy to do.

Problem Solvers

If you have a technical challenge or system predicament – we can solve IT problems easily... It’s our thing.

How do I get IT?

We’re happy to discuss with you in more detail any Hardware of Software needs you have for your business. Give one of our experts a call today on 01642 309 767.