Workshop Repairs & Healthchecks

Can we fix it... Yes we can!

Workshop Repairs & Healthchecks

Behind the scenes your IT hardware and software is constantly working hard to provide you with a means to operate and run your business. With fast paced innovation, constant program updates, introduction of latest “versions” your operating systems and software are constantly challenged to continue to work effectively and in harmony.

When things break we don’t have a “No” box on our job sheet – so whatever the problem, we can usually find a solution, whether it simply requires a few clicks or a more in-depth investigation.

Diagnoses and repair processes can take time and we don’t cut corners, we find this to be counterproductive to your ability to go and efficiently get on with your business. If new parts require ordering this can take a little time. Our technicians will keep you informed of the issues found and expected repair time frames and costs.

“Prevention and protection is better than cure” which is why many businesses use alphatech’s ongoing support package and “health check service” to reduce the likelihood of a fault.

Why you might need IT?

It is inevitable, however careful you are with your technology hardware and software it can and does fail… leaving you stressed and frustrated and many times unable to run your business or parts of your service. Sometimes the issues are quickly fixed and at other times we face more complexed and time-consuming repairs. Whatever the issue we do our very best to ensure your problem is resolved with the least disruption and damage to your business. Some of the most common repairs we deal with are:

What are the benefits of IT?

DIY IT isn't your thing

You have tried to fix IT before and made things worse. Allow us to fix it for you... its what we're good.

Saves you money

Repairing your equipment rather than buying new can be a cost effective solution to the problem.

Specialist Support

We don't cut corners so you get an in-depth diagnostic check to identify the problem and a full fix.

It's secure... so relax

You know your equipment and data are secure when your devices are in for repair with us.

Problem Solvers

We can and do solve IT problems easily... It's our thing.

No IT Support

Sign up for our regular IT system hardware and software health check service.

How do I get IT?

At alphatech we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a supportive and friendly service. So, if you have an IT repair or just want a chat about how our support services can help your business please don’t be nervous about picking up the phone… just give us a call on 01642 309 767 or drop us a quick email. We won’t force you to visit the website to log a “ticket” or send a message that will be “responded to in 24hrs!”. We understand how frustrating and critical IT problems can be for businesses and being able to speak to somebody straight away is what most people want. At alphatech this is what we do.