Security & Antivirus

Don’t let the bad guys steal your data and take over your machines

Security & Antivirus

All IT systems are susceptible to attack by computer virus programs and computer hackers … unfortunately its part of everyday life and will continue to be so going forward. As fast as computer software and hardware companies come up with more secure products the hackers and scammers are looking for new ways to infiltrate and disable your systems and more worryingly steal your business and customer details. On many occasions data is being compromised and as a business you don’t even know it.

Having the right antivirus and encryption software, updating versions regularly to protect your business and keep you legally compliant is key to achieving ‘peace of mind’ and removes the fear, as a non-IT specialist that your business is vulnerable. It is important to ensure your chosen antivirus software is giving you full protection (not all do!), that it is installed properly and that all the regular updates are happening behind the scenes.

It’s also important to ensure the antivirus software remains compatible with all the other programmes you are using as this is one of the main reason’s computers end up going slow. All those annoying moments you have to wait for programs to open, load and save records, making you less productive. Going home at the end of the day feeling dejected because you know you could have done more “if only the computer was faster”.

Data Protection legislation requires business to ensure their business and customers data always remains protected. Therefore, encryption software programs have become increasingly more important for businesses to use to ensure they operate within the law. If your computer systems have been compromised, you are now expected to ensure the data is not readable or of any use to anyone else. Encryption software has been developed to protect your computer’s internal hard drive, external USB memory devices, external hard drives and importantly your e-mails.

Once installed correctly, it’s very important that you and your staff understand how the antivirus and encryption programs work, and what their responsibilities are as staff, to ensure it is used correctly.

How we do IT?

When purchasing your antivirus and encryption products from alphatech, we can install the programs to work in the best way with your network and other software programs. We can ensure there are no compatibility issues that will slow your computers down and we can monitor your updates to ensure you are always operating on the latest version. We can also help manage your licence renewals to ensure your protection doesn’t unknowingly lapse. Whilst we do this, you can get on doing what you do best productively running your business.

alphatech have been a ESET partner since 2004. As a company we don’t sell any other antivirus or encryption solution, that’s how much we believe in the product and it’s after care service. Importantly, with its amazing light footprint, when installed correctly our customers don’t experience the slow speeds, we see with other antivirus products. We also believe the product to be of good value for money when compared to other providers.

It has some amazing features and benefits that are well received by our clients. ESET solutions are a great way to protect your business. Licences are available for servers and desktop PC’s, we can also secure your Mac and mobile devices. Click on the ESET product cards for more technical information about each of the ESET products we offer.

How do I get IT?

If you would like us to help you with your IT protection or are ever concerned about your IT system security, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01642 309767 where you can speak to one of our friendly staff.