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Technical Support, Your Way

At alphatech, we believe that your IT support should be delivered in a way that works for you. This week, we want to talk about our commitment to providing the very best for our clients, and explain how we strive to support your business in an approachable and effective manner.


The first thing that we aim to avoid is jargon– we understand that it can be so frustrating for an expert to explain your problem in an overly complicated way, and can leave a client feeling unsure as to their best course of action. We will adjust our technical term use to suit you (whether you are very tech-savvy or have no technical experience), and advise you with open and well-communicated language. We also encourage you to ask questions; we’re here to help, and we want you to feel confident in your own assessment of your IT provision and protections.


We pride ourselves on our communication- whether it is answering phone calls promptly, having a chat with clients to reassure them, or sourcing hardware and software on your behalf. Here at alphatech we have over twenty years of experience in providing IT solutions to businesses– we know what works, and we are ready to tackle anything that comes our way! Our mission has always been “Make IT Simple”, and our ongoing success reflects the benefits that this brings to our clients.


The most important aspect of IT support is what is going on in the background– if your systems are being cared for by an expert, this should help to avoid major issues or disasters, and help you to keep your business running smoothly. We can tailor your support, from a one-off job to ongoing monthly IT support services, ensuring that you can rest assured that both you and your IT are in safe hands.

To discuss our approach to IT Support further, you can contact us on 01642 309767.