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The benefits of Managed IT Support

Today’s businesses are reliant on IT; it’s a struggle to imagine operating without it. Slowly but surely, our businesses would grind to a halt. The value of IT is highlighted by our dependence on it, but for many organisations the sad reality is that maintaining an IT department is costly and unrealistic.

As an example, let’s think about a specialised recruitment agency that has three staff members. IT is a fundamental aspect of their business but with just three staff, an in-house IT team could not be justified – even if it was just one extra person. The time and financial burdens that the company would incur would outweigh the benefit.

Here at alphatech, we offer Managed IT Support. It’s the perfect solution for SMBs that require the skills of an in-house IT team but are unable to fulfil one.

Managed IT Support can bring many benefits and is ideal for many organisations. Today, we thought we’d outline some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT.

Increased productivity

With your IT looked after, you would no longer have IT issues causing downtime, plus your staff wouldn’t spend time trying to fix problems or keeping on top of technology’s latest offerings. alphatech will take care of all of this, resulting in your staff having more time to do their jobs. Managed IT Support might also present the opportunity to upgrade your IT setup and systems, increasing productivity that way too.

Easy implementation

Manged IT Support ensures that any changes to your systems (upgrading an Office 365 licence or changing your antivirus for example) can happen smoothly and with ease because the expertise is already there, ready to go. This also means that in the unfortunate instance that there is a problem, it can be fixed promptly. We’ll work with you to help you fully understand any decisions, and to make sure you know what we do our end too.

Save costs

Our Managed IT Support works on a monthly payment model. This means that you can free up your cashflow as well as plan and budget more effectively because your costs won’t fluctuate. If anything does fall outside our Managed IT Support contracts, we’ll always let you know of any additional charges in advance so there’s no surprises.

Increased Security

We will monitor your systems constantly – we watch for alerts and make fixes remotely often before you realise there’s a problem! We can offer advice on which products are essential for you to operate securely and implement those as appropriate too. We can also manage your everyday security tasks, updating software for example, that can be easily overlooked.

Access to IT expertise

It’s easy to miss the biggest benefit – simply that you would have access to our IT expertise. We can help with everything from fixing your computer and server problems, to email issues, right through to assisting you with specialist software. We’re here to help with anything you need.