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Vision North Somerset

The saying “out of sight… out of mind” can refer to many situations in life but can certainly not be attributed to Vision North Somerset …. a visionary charity who have taken a real leap of faith to work with an IT support company based 282 miles way ‘up north!!’. alphatech could not be more delighted to support this amazing charity.

Usually I just email Neil and magic happens!.... all IT issues are solved!


Vision North Somerset is a registered charity who support over 1500 visually impaired people in North Somerset. Their aim is to help people with sight loss to remain independent through practical and emotional support. They also provide social activities to reduce isolation, benefit advice, volunteering opportunities and train to educate others to understand how they can help to!​

But they don’t just stop there! They have expanded the charity to help people who are also deaf and hard of hearing. If you live in North Somerset with this fabulous service on the doorstep it’s the place to go for support, to volunteer or donate generously.


Vision North Somerset are used to brainstorming and coming up with ways to overcome sight and hearing adversity for others but sadly when their IT provider experienced a very short terminal illness, they were left with no time to regroup, find another local IT support provider and transfer the service. Critically for the charity nor did they have the passwords and data required to manage their IT system, accessing the new server and computers in their office.​

As an existing technical contact our very own Neil was asked by the IT supplier to help him, a challenge in itself as the side effects of the heavy medication he was on meant he was struggling to be able to provide Neil with cohesive information. The clock was ticking an everyday the situation was becoming more grave for all concerned.


Neil with permission from Vision North Somerset, much empathy, patience, and gentle persistence managed to retrieve the essential passwords and access data to give Vision North Somerset back control of their systems.

We were then able to undertake an IT systems health check to ensure the system was fit for purpose and running all the latest software versions. We suggested an improved back up disaster recovery solution for the charity but recommended they remain with their current IMAP provider as this was going to be more cost effective for them.

As a result Vision have taken that leap of faith and although we have never personally met and nearly 300 miles apart we are delighted to have ​Vision North Somerset as one of our monthly IT Support clients.