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Why your business should backup

Data backup is one of the most important aspects of IT but is all too often overlooked. ‘Backing up’ involves making a copy of your important files so that you’re able to restore them if the original file is damaged or lost.


Many different things can cause data loss: theft, human error, physical failure of your PC, and environmental disasters like fires and floods. Another big risk is computer viruses – once they’re on your machine or in your network, they will typically corrupt your data rendering it totally useless.


A good starting point would be to think about what data you would need to continue working if your network or PC were to be struck with ransomware (a virus that encrypts all your data and requires a ransom payment to get your data back). In order to continue operating as usual you might need financial information, clients’ contact details, copies of contracts, and many other things. Think about how long it’s taken to collate this information and what it might mean for your business if you were unable to access it again.


So, you’ve decided you want backup, but how do you actually do it? There are many ways to backup. Security, budget, and time will all affect your choice, but some methods of backup are considerably better than others.

Memory sticks and portable hard drives can be used for smaller backups, but these cheap devices are easy to lose and damage and are unreliable. The data held on these devices isn’t secured meaning that anyone with your lost device also has access to your lost data.

Tape backup was once an industry standard but is now considered an outdated method of backup. It’s a slow and manual process, and if you’re not storing the tapes offsite, they’re subject to the same environmental risks (floods etc.) as the original files.

Offsite backup, the backup solution we provide, is our recommendation. It’s suitable for all types and sizes of business with no need to buy any new hardware or software. Your chosen data is encrypted, then transported to a state-of-the-art datacentre. All backups are scheduled meaning that there’s no user intervention, and the files are easy to restore – for a small monthly cost you’ll get security and peace of mind.


  • You want to know you have an experienced technical team on hand to retrieve your data quickly and securely in the event of a disaster.
  • You’ll have immediate access to your data.
  • Your data will be secured to the highest levels of encryption.
  • You don’t have to remember to backup your data daily.