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How the Cloud can help your office move

If moving to a new house is one of life’s most stressful experiences, moving business premises is worse as you need to deal with all the issues of relocation at the same time as keeping your business going.

One of the biggest problems is your IT infrastructure, packing and moving your PCs and servers and rebuilding them in your new office with absolute minimal disruption to business. Whilst many companies just move their servers from one office to another, an office move is a great time to take a step back, assess your current infrastructure, and think about whether you need that server or whether it can live in the Cloud.

Let’s look at the ways the Cloud and alphatech can help your office move.

We’ll make sure you’re up to date

Office hardware needs to be replaced every 3 to 4 years to prevent it coming to end of life. Rather than moving old or out of date hardware over to your new location and worrying about damage, you could discard your server and never worry about being out of date again. With the exception of packing and driving you to your new office, we can do everything for you – migrating your data, storage, backups, applications, Office 365 licenses and more, keeping you completely up to date.

We’ll help with business continuity

Deconstructing, moving and setting up your physical servers can be time-consuming and means your employees can’t work until everything is set up. With a Cloud infrastructure you can set this up before you move whilst you’re still operating off your current server. This makes the actual switch to the Cloud much easier and means that your staff can continue working. Using our IT Support Solutions means that we do all the hard work for you – we’ll set up everything in advance of your move, so you can continue running your business as usual. You’ll also save time and energy by simply having less IT stuff to move.

We’ll remove risk

Naturally, there’s a chance that you’ll damage some element of your IT set-up during your office move. With a Cloud infrastructure this chance is diminished as there’s far less to physically move and damage. Having a Cloud based backup solution as well can ensure that you can recover from anything, regardless of whether you’re mid move.

You’ll be future proof

Reassessing your IT infrastructure also means thinking about the future. Because of its scalability, Cloud computing allows you to easily respond to change. Your new Cloud setup will meet your business needs now and will continue to meet them in 10 years too. Office relocations might be stressful, but they can provide that much needed step towards future proofing your business.

We’ll support you along the way

Here at alphatech we offer IT Support Solutions to guide you through the move and thereafter. With our support, even the smallest of companies can benefit from professional IT experts. We can help plan, manage and facilitate your move to the Cloud so that it’s manageable, as stress free as possible and, most importantly, has minimal impact on your business.